A Tribute to Mequa

The greatest pupper that ever was.

Mequa on the couch
Mequa laying on the couch.

Mequa's Magical Life

Mequanee, better-known as Mequa, was a bichon frise that stole her momma's heart from the beginning. Everything about Mequa enchanted Audrea. She was so silly, so loving, and so expressive. Her steadfast loyalty brought Audrea through the darkest times of her life, and she will always be grateful for that.

Losing Mequa was truly the most difficult experience of Audrea's life. Though she knows it sounds crazy, she is comforted by her belief that her new puppy is Mequa's reincarnated form. Juniper Rose constantly does silly things (like devouring lettuce) that remind Audrea so much of Mequa that sometimes she can't help but cry. She will always love Mequa, her precious baby girl.

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